Visions Film

Surreal 16: Abba T. Makama, Michael Omonua, C.J. Obasi | Nigeria 2017 | 19m | 15



Visions is a short film made by Nigerian collective Surreal 16, made up by three directors C.J ‘fiery’ Obasi, Abba T. Makama and Michael Gouken Omonua, Visions tells the story of three young women, inspired by ideas of lucid dreaming and introspection. Shaitan by Abba T. Makama follows a young woman as she has an inner dilemma; whether to fully follow her feminist beliefs, or maintain her life-long friendship with a man whose views outdate her own? In Brood by Michael Omonua, viewers are constantly being sprung back and forth as we witness a young woman reflect on a previous relationship, all the unspoken words and the unanswered questions. In Bruja by C.J “Fiery” Obasi, we see a young woman embark on a ritual as she fights to reclaim and relearn herself, surrounding by her witchy friends and ancestors.

Past Showings

Glasgow / Sun 4 Nov 2018 / 3.00pm
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