High Fantasy Film

Jenna Bass | South Africa 2017 | 1h36m | 15


A group of friends from different ethnic backgrounds venture on a camping trip in the South African countryside and are horrified when they wake up having swapped bodies. Tensions rise to the surface as they are forced into experiencing life through someone else’s subjectivity. Jenna Bass uses the often comical trope of the body swap to interrogate the still difficult subjects of race, land and gender in South Africa. Shot on the different characters’ iPhones, the film lends itself to a DIY aesthetic that captures both the energy and difficulties of the young protagonists’ predicament.

Past Showings

Edinburgh / Tue 30 Oct 2018 / 6.30pm
Free and non-ticketed / Brass Monkey

Glasgow / Tue 30 Oct 2018 / 6.30pm
Free and non-ticketed / The Glad Cafe