Apatride (Stateless) - UK Premiere Film

Narjiss Nejjar | Morocco/France/Qatar 2018 | 1h34m | Moroccan Arabic with English subtitles | 12

Apatride (Stateless) - UK Premiere


Apatride (Stateless) is the fourth feature film by critically acclaimed Moroccan director Narjiss Nejjar. It tells the story of Hénia, a beautiful young woman living in a small village on the Moroccan side of the Algerian-Moroccan border. With her father she has been exiled from Algeria and separated from her mother for more than thirty years as a result of the Black March - the sudden expulsion in 1975 of 45,000 Moroccan families from Algeria to Morocco in response to Morocco’s annexation of the Spanish-occupied Western Sahara. Trapped in a domineering and loveless marriage with a significantly older Moroccan husband, Hénia struggles to reconcile her sense of belonging and longs to return to Algeria.

The fraught and often contradictory nature of existence in such a border space is powerfully evoked through the performances of the lead actors and by the cinematography of French DOP Stéphane Vallée, who shoots Hénia in close-up and short focus as a motif for her dislocation from the society around her. The film offers an original take on themes such as displacement and the condition of women that already have a strong presence in contemporary Maghrebi cinema. Apatride received its premiere in February 2018 at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Producer Lamia Chraibi will be in attendance for a Q&A after the screening.

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Al Hadaf (Target) | Munir Abbar | Morocco 2012 | 18 min | Moroccan Arabic with English subtitles

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This screening is kindly sponsored by the University of Exeter and the AHRC.

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Edinburgh / Sat 27 Oct 2018 / 8pm
Filmhouse / Book Now