Burnout - UK Premiere Film

Nour-Eddine Lakhmari | Morocco/Norway 2017 | 1h53m | Moroccan Arabic with English subtitles | 15


Burnout is a film about the contradictory values of modern Moroccan society. Masterfully told and shot in a style that can only be described as urgent and cosmopolitan, it explores how a chance encounter can throw everything that is taken for granted into question. The film observes a moment in the lives of four main characters: young boot polisher Ayoub who is hoping to help his mother out of her predicament; Jad and his wife Ines, a bourgeois couple in a loveless marriage; a wealthy but ailing art collector; and a young medical student, Aida, who moonlights as an escort. Each of them experiences something that changes them forever. Director and scriptwriter Nour-Eddine Lakhmari gives us the perspectives of several different people in the city of Casablanca, linked to different urban experiences.

The sprawling metropolis is the protagonist of this film, and it ensures that the lives of these four very different types of inhabitants cross. The film cleverly highlights the vast differences but also the striking similarities between individuals hoping to make a better life for themselves. Burnout ultimately shows how urban social and economic conditions affect the life situations of its characters.

Lakhmari is an award-winning and critically acclaimed Norwegian-Moroccan filmmaker. He will be in attendance after the screening for a Q&A.

This screening is kindly sponsored by the University of Exeter and the AHRC.


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