Pumzi Film

Wanuri Kahiu | Kenya/South Africa 2009 | 22m



Wanuri Kahiu’s celebrated Pumzi, Kenya's first science fiction film, imagines a dystopian future 35 years after WWIII – the Water War – has torn the world apart. Nature is extinct and the outside is dead. Asha lives and works as a museum curator in one of the indoor communities set up by the Maitu Council. When she receives a box in the mail containing soil she plants an old seed in it and the seed starts to germinate instantly. Asha appeals to the Council to grant her permission to investigate the possibility of life on the outside, but when the Council denies her an exit visa Asha breaks out nonetheless. Kahiu’s Rafiki is this year’s opening film.

This screening is part of the Decolonising the Specalutive strand. 

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Glasgow / Thu 1 Nov 2018 / 7.30pm
Free and non-ticketed / Glasgow University - Andrew Stewart Cinema

Edinburgh / Mon 29 Oct 2018 / 5.45pm