Decolonising the Speculative: Journeys to African Futures Event

Various directors | Various countries | 1h30m | Various languages with English subtitles | 15

Decolonising the Speculative: Journeys to African Futures


As part of our Decolonising the Speculative strand, this short-film series showcases the speculative work from a selection of filmmakers from the African continent and its diaspora. From Wanuri Kahiu’s celebrated Pumzi, in which a curator of a futuristic museum for natural life finds herself in possession of what might not in fact be the last ever germinating seed, to the vibrant trio of scientist-witches in Hello, Rain - C.J. “Fiery” Obasi’s adaptation of Nigerian author Nnedi Okorafor’s short story - the films in this series create visions that variously contest, transform or entirely leave behind those paradigms of the future associated with colonial modernity. In so doing, they also address urgent and entangled socio-economic, ecological, and political questions, as well as questions that pertain to issues of gender, belonging, and the contemporary status of indigenous knowledge.

Included Films

Past Showings

Glasgow / Thu 1 Nov 2018 / 7.30pm
Free and ticketed / Glasgow University - Andrew Stewart Cinema / Book Now

Edinburgh / Mon 29 Oct 2018 / 5.45pm
Filmhouse / Book Now