House in the Fields - UK Premiere Film

Tala Hadid | Morocco/UK/US/Qatar/France 2017 | 1h26m | Amazigh with English subtitles | Documentary | 15


House in the Fields is an award-winning documentary by acclaimed director Tala Hadid, born in London to Moroccan and Iraqi parents. The film offers an intimate and understated portrayal of life in an Amazigh village high in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, focusing on the family of 16-year old Khadija. The film is constructed around a strong identification with time as well as space. It is structured by the passing of seasons and the geographic boundaries of the remote mountain village, observing daily routines and rituals that in some respects have remained virtually unchanged for centuries.

Hadid achieves an intimacy with her subjects that is only possible due to the extended periods that the director spent living with the villagers. In her sympathetic observation of this small community in the Atlas mountains, the director poses the question of whether traditional life in the village is compatible with the progressive transformation of Moroccan society and Khadija’s own ambitions for her future. House in the Fields has enjoyed considerable success at a range of prestigious international festivals including Berlin, IDFA (Amsterdam), Toronto International Film Festival and the Moroccan National Film Festival in Tangier.

This screening is kindly sponsored by the University of Exeter and the AHRC.


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Edinburgh / Sun 28 Oct 2018 / 6pm
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