Djon África Film

João Miller Guerra & Filipa Reis | Portugal/Cape Verde/Brazil 2018 | 1h35m | Portuguese with English subtitles | 15


The feature fiction debut of João Miller Guerra and Filipa Reis, Djon Africa is a story about tracing your roots. Having been raised in Portugal by his grandmother, Miguel is a carefree young man drifting through life. But when a man in the street tells him he is the spitting image of his absent father, Miguel is motivated to trace his familial ancestry back to Cape Verde, in search of his father and a better understanding of himself. Miguel Moreira shines as the eponymous Djon Africa, mixing a lighthearted energy with moments of tenderness and sincerity. The strong documentary background of the filmmakers is evident in this film, bringing their signature style into the realm of fiction.

Past Showings

Edinburgh / Sun 28 Oct 2018 / 5.30pm
Filmhouse / Book Now